Fabricá - A new hair care concept specialising in thick and thin hair. The hair type is reflected on the bottle itself with either thick lines or thin lines. Earthy tones are used to denote the product type whether is deep olive for shampoo or sandy for shampoo. The name derived from the Latin translation of texture.

I Worked in this project when i worked at LYON & LYON

The problem
The stigma around mental health is a big reason why people don’t get help. This needs to change. I need to change their views and attitude towards mental health. By changing the attitude towards it this will create a domino effect of more people opening up as a result of increased social and cultural sympathetic views on mental health. Social change = more people opening-up solution

Our solution
to this problem is to communicate how mental health affects people and educate them on the symptoms. I want to focus on the idea that people with mental illnesses are not “loco” (crazy). I want to reach out to the victims as well as the general public who don't suffer from the illness because they are likely to unknowingly know someone who suffers from mental